Proats- what’s that?

Proats- what’s that?

Fitness freaks listen up: Not only muscles need definition but also terms. Today we explain what we mean when we say ‘Proats’ and why they get their own category. The wonderful English term ‘Proats’ is made up of ‘Protein’ and ‘Oats’. We think it’s known that oats are high in protein, but that’s not the reason why we call them Proats. Not before 20 percent of the calories of an Overnight Oats recipe are from proteins they are called Proats. We have oriented ourselves by the usual data of a ‘high protein diet’ in which 20% or more of the calories are from proteins.

We calculate that for every recipe. If you want to know how, keep reading. For everyone else: Have a good weekend!

First you need to know: Proteins and carbohydrates contain about 4 kcal/g, fat on the other hand 9 kcal/g. That’s why we have this sample calculation for a recipe with these nutrition facts:

  •     Protein: 20 g
  •     Total fat: 10 g
  •     Total carbohydrate: 30 g

The total calories are:

(20 g * 4 kcal/g) + (10 g * 9 kcal/g) + (30 g * 4 kcal/g) = 290 kcal

Then we determine the percentage of the calories which are from proteins:

20 g * 4 kcal/g devided by 290 kcal * 100 = 27%

Congratulations, they are PROATS!


Super easy and understandable for everyone! If you’re trying to eat a high protein diet you should eat ‘Proats’ more often.


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