Essential tips for the preparation of Overnight Oats

It’s easy to prepare Overnight Oats, but over the years we found out what makes it even easier. Here are our diverse tips:

Using a mixer

To make puree or mush from fruit, a fork can be enough for soft ones like berries. If you’re trying the same with apples or pears, you won’t get very far. A regular mixer can help a lot! And even bananas and strawberries get creamier.

Using a freezer

Frozen fruits are a really nice ingredient. If you don’t want to buy fresh fruit every day, you can just buy frozen fruits or freeze leftover ones. If you want to use it as mush or puree, you can mix the whole thing and put the rest in the freezer. Use ice cube trays so that you can take out the puree in little portions. In the evening, just add the frozen puree to the oats and put it in the fridge overnight, where it will defrost so that you can enjoy your Overnight Oats in the morning.

Add fruit in the morning

It’s super convenient to prepare your whole breakfast in the evening and put it in fridge overnight. But if you’re using fruit, adding it to your oats in the morning preserves their taste and vitamins a lot better.

Stirring curd cheese until creamy

Low fat curd cheese can be as creamy as fatty cream curd cheese. Okay, you could just add cream, but we’re talking about something else. Just add a little bit of milk or water with gas and stir with a spoon or eggbeater until it’s creamy. That’s how you can make Overnight Oats with the texture of a dessert.

Storing Overnight Oats up

Overnight Oats stay fresh for a couple of days in your fridge. That’s why you can prepare more than one serving of the basic mixture of oats and liquid. It saves both time and effort.

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