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Who is behind Overnight Oats.com?

Jutta and Jens from Hamburg-Ottensen, Germany. As children of the 70s and 80s, our mothers (our fathers didn’t have the talent and will) accustomed us to traditional home cooking early: a lot of potatoes, meat, soft-boiled vegetables- and everything combined with finished products and flavor enhancers. Without stock cubes nothing was possible. But at least we still remember home cooked food… After moving out from home, we lived in flat shares and went to university: That’s when we got caught in the food industry’s clutches. An unforgettable highlight:  meatballs from the supermarket with cheap cheese warmed over in the microwave…

Clean Eating

And still it took years until we started thinking about our food consumption in greater detail. And the result of this process is the motto: You can eat anything – but make it yourself. Because we don’t like extremes and dogmas, we see this ‘clean eating’ as an ideal – not as a daily premise. Our Overnight-Oats recipes contain almost only natural ingredients. But only ‘almost’ because we add protein powder to some of them for example.

Proteins for breakfast

When we started to do more sports, we noticed that we just need proteins – a lot of them. That’s why even breakfast should be high in protein. Then we thought of oats, but they are dry, dusty and not all that tasty. In muesli it works, but always the same recipe with low fat curd cheese…

And that’s where Overnight Oats come into play. They are the perfect alternative to the boring muesli every day. And not only that: If you want to eat low-calorie, vegan or vegetarian, you can find hundreds of recipes. With Overnight-Oats.com we want to help you find good recipes quickly and give you their nutrition facts at the same time.

Enjoy and ‘Guten Appetit’! Jutta and Jens

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