9 Good Reasons for Overnight Oats

What are Overnight Oats?

Overnight Oats are small meals with oats which are prepared in a special way: The oats are mixed with a liquid and put in fridge “overnight”. This way the oats swell up, get creamy and absorb the taste of the liquid.

Why should I try them?

It takes time to answer this question. That’s why we made a list with the top 9 reasons for Overnight Oats. If you know a good 10th reason, feel free to contact us…

1. Overnight Oats are fast to make

No breakfast gets on the table faster. Because they are made in the evening, the fridge does all the work while you are sleeping. The preparations don’t take more time than a few minutes. In the morning you just need to cut up some fruit and that’s it.

2. Overnight Oats are filling

No more cravings. If you eat Overnight Oats as a breakfast, you’ll stay full ‘til lunch. You don’t need a second breakfast at 8:30.

3. Overnight Oats are healthy

Complex carbohydrate, a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals but still low in gluten – Overnight Oats make your breakfast balanced and light. They are prefect for athletes who want to eat a lot of protein.

4. Overnight Oats are for vegetarians or even vegans

At least the first meal of the day can be meat free. That’s how everyone can increase their intake of vegetables. Your body and the climate will thank you. And for the vegans: curd cheese, milk and cottage cheese are optional.

5. Overnight Oats are cheap

What can one buy for 40 cents nowadays? -A whole package of oats in the supermarket. Even organic oats or branded oats are still low-priced.

6. Overnight Oats are rich in variety

Who doesn’t know the problem? Once you find your favorite muesli, you’re eating it every day; Or a slice of bread with cheese – also a typical German breakfast. But every day is different and so should be your breakfast. With Overnight Oat you can start each day in a different way. There are so many options.

7. Overnight Oats are a perfect takeaway meal

In the morning, any additional minute you can stay in bed is precious. And that’s how you can gain a few minutes: Prepare your Overnight Oats in the evening, put in fridge overnight and take them with you to work in the morning. They’ll taste good all day

8. Overnight Oats are “child-friendly”

Especially children love Overnight Oats. Just pick a recipe and “cook” together. The preparations are literally child’s play. It reduces the risk of a nagging child in the morning. Just give it a try!

9. Overnight Oats are just tasty

Really. I promise.

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